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This is a collection of articles by the famed
Leopold Boucouvalas, Howard Spear, guest authors, and others.

Colonoscopy - One Man's Experience
Cure Foot Odor - Have a Stink Free Day
Fluffy Words
Heather Locklear
Herman Cain is Gay!
How To Get Laid
How to Squeeze A Pimple
Joe Horn 911 Call Transcription
Joseph Andrew Stack Suicide Note
Bowel Mastery For Fun And Profit
Wind Power Vs. Solar Power
The Joys Of Defecation
Lolita And Motorcycle Maintenance
Mark David Chapman Killed John Lennon
Muammar Gadaffi - A Tirade Against An Evil Dictator
Nuclear Nightmare - We Are All Going To Die!
Pick Your Nose - It's OK
Suicide leaves a big mess for others
Dirty Pants Breath - Syndrome

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